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Green Mama

31 Jul

It has come as a surprise to the majority of my family and friends that we will be cloth diapering.  The gasps, the wide eyes, and then the “oh we will see how long that lasts” statements are something that my fiance and I are VERY accustomed to.  However, cloth diapering is not what it used to be!  No more big pins to keep your babies diaper secure.  No more dunking it in the toilet (ew).  And no folding (unless you are going with a prefold).  They are in fact: Adorable, 10% of the average cost of disposable diapers for one baby (and if you have more kids that percentage continues to drop), environmentally friendly, oh yeah AND ADORABLE.  Have I mentioned they are adorable?Image

Last night I officially bought our first cloth diaper from Just Simply Baby, and today we signed up for a cloth diapering class, for the sole purpose of me being able to play with more diapers.  I am so in love!  Not to mention they will teach me great knowledge I can pass on to all those who are considering cloth diapering.  In order to help build our stash we are holding a raffle for anyone that brings a cloth diaper to our baby shower.  Of course, we have registered for a ton and post various sites on FB to give our guest’s directions on where we will be going with cloth diapering.  Not only is that a great way to get a different assortment of diapers, your baby will have pieces that family put thought into when picking out, and you can open the eyes of other people to the cloth diapering revolution that is beginning.

I also found a great website today that is running a contest to get more people using cloth diapers!  They are doing a give away both for bloggers and for simple facebook likes.  Find out more about the Little Neechers give away here and maybe you can win some fun cloth diapering swag!

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An Austin State of Mind

28 Jul

This week I was happily surprised to find that our engagement photos are in!

By Adam King Photography

As I flipped through the photos I realized our fantastic friend and photographer is preparing for his new baby and that means I need a photographer for a maternity shoot ASAP!  The fact that my body has been able to expand to this level deserves to be documented, not to mention plastered in front of my daughters face when she becomes a hard to handle teenager.

In searching for THE perfect photographer, I have been thinking, I want these photos to portray how we felt and where we were at this stage of our lives.  We are artists.  We are unconventional.  We are thrilled.  We are growing.  We are Austin!  So Austin, Texas has become the unifying theme to our photoshoot.  I am spending my weekend finding the best ways to portray our family and incorporate the major roll that Austin has had on us.  It has been such a fun task.  Locations are locked in, the ideas have been discussed and happily agreed upon by everyone involved, and some of my lovely vintage pieces are being dusted off to fill in the spaces of our photographs.  I can’t wait to put everything together and present these photos.  Until then I will work on ironing out all of the additional details that make a shoot special (And enjoying small cups of decaf coffee from some of our favorite local spots)

The Pup approves of our coffee shops since they always keep her hydrated

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82 Days to Go

20 Jul

28 Weeks Pregnant on the Wall

You know when you start singing the 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall song even though you’re only going to get to 98 bottles before you stop singing?  This pregnancy started out a lot like that song (it may have involved beer, but I recall no walls). We started it, just like we started the last two, but I had given up hope on getting past anything meaningful.  And now we have approximately 82 days left of this pregnancy, we may actually finish the song this time.  Aside from making me want beer, that was all to say I can’t believe how quickly 7 months has flown by, and I can’t believe I have this big belly!

Knitting with Pika


Not much has really changed since the last post, I am on a crafting spree.  At work my hands long for my knitting needles, and as I’m speaking to the engineers I’m finding little design inspirations throughout our projects.

I am in love with the wool soaker I started last week (and Pika apparently is also digging it).  I still need to do a wool wash, and add some small leg pieces, but it is very close to completion!

B pulled out my sewing machine today, which I have been trying to hold off on because I know this small apartment is not going to look pretty once my Singer is out.  However, my niece’s baby shower is this weekend so I had to break down and request Singer’s reemergence into this tiny space.  The personal touches are worth the mess anyways. 

My nest continues to shine as glitter tutu’s are begging to be created, it’s like the tulle is screaming from inside of my craft bag.  I am totally helpless to control myself when it comes to the costume like nature of the tutu.  After all, I am having an October baby and she therefore needs Pumpkin like tutu’s along with every other color that I can think of.

Have a Crafty Weekend!

❤ Dragon Mama

The Crafty Nest

14 Jul

Most pregnant women go through a phase of nesting.  My nest is currently full of yarn, tulle, and rhinestones.

Baby T’s first Cardigan (sans button), knitted during the days of nesting.  Pattern Here

As I explore my own crafting abilities, I also get to share with friends.  I am part of a gift exchange, and I decided to venture out and utilize the moment to practice every girl’s favorite article of clothing: The Magnificent Tutu!  Both easy and cost efficient I spent a day making one to give, and one to keep.  I have officially decided that Baby T will have a tutu for all holidays, and several more to play dress up with.  It’s funny to imagine the days when all of the princess prancing will begin.  And also funny to imagine what my daughter’s dress up bin will look like.  My sewing machine assures me it is up for the task of creating several costumes.    Image

This weekend will include more knitting as I work on making my first wool soaker for overnight cloth diapering.  I am crossing my fingers (and needles) in hopes that it will turn out well.  I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!

❤ Dragon Mama

Starting is the First Step

8 Jul

We only have 95 more days to go until our little Tiffany is here! And instead of cleaning the apartment I am starting a blog… because it’s for the baby.  Hopefully the man will find that as an acceptable answer.

Our Tree Carving

Our tree carving on the side of Devil’s Head in Colorado