The Crafty Nest

14 Jul

Most pregnant women go through a phase of nesting.  My nest is currently full of yarn, tulle, and rhinestones.

Baby T’s first Cardigan (sans button), knitted during the days of nesting.  Pattern Here

As I explore my own crafting abilities, I also get to share with friends.  I am part of a gift exchange, and I decided to venture out and utilize the moment to practice every girl’s favorite article of clothing: The Magnificent Tutu!  Both easy and cost efficient I spent a day making one to give, and one to keep.  I have officially decided that Baby T will have a tutu for all holidays, and several more to play dress up with.  It’s funny to imagine the days when all of the princess prancing will begin.  And also funny to imagine what my daughter’s dress up bin will look like.  My sewing machine assures me it is up for the task of creating several costumes.    Image

This weekend will include more knitting as I work on making my first wool soaker for overnight cloth diapering.  I am crossing my fingers (and needles) in hopes that it will turn out well.  I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!

❤ Dragon Mama

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