82 Days to Go

20 Jul

28 Weeks Pregnant on the Wall

You know when you start singing the 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall song even though you’re only going to get to 98 bottles before you stop singing?  This pregnancy started out a lot like that song (it may have involved beer, but I recall no walls). We started it, just like we started the last two, but I had given up hope on getting past anything meaningful.  And now we have approximately 82 days left of this pregnancy, we may actually finish the song this time.  Aside from making me want beer, that was all to say I can’t believe how quickly 7 months has flown by, and I can’t believe I have this big belly!

Knitting with Pika


Not much has really changed since the last post, I am on a crafting spree.  At work my hands long for my knitting needles, and as I’m speaking to the engineers I’m finding little design inspirations throughout our projects.

I am in love with the wool soaker I started last week (and Pika apparently is also digging it).  I still need to do a wool wash, and add some small leg pieces, but it is very close to completion!

B pulled out my sewing machine today, which I have been trying to hold off on because I know this small apartment is not going to look pretty once my Singer is out.  However, my niece’s baby shower is this weekend so I had to break down and request Singer’s reemergence into this tiny space.  The personal touches are worth the mess anyways. 

My nest continues to shine as glitter tutu’s are begging to be created, it’s like the tulle is screaming from inside of my craft bag.  I am totally helpless to control myself when it comes to the costume like nature of the tutu.  After all, I am having an October baby and she therefore needs Pumpkin like tutu’s along with every other color that I can think of.

Have a Crafty Weekend!

❤ Dragon Mama

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