Me, Myself, and I Linky Party <3

18 Sep

My first Me, Myself and I Linky Party!  Click on the button at the end of this post to join me.


1. When you’re feeling down, what do you do to pick yourself up?

I knit!  You can always tell when the anxiety levels are up based on the new creations that are being made.  It helps me to analyze my situation and decide what the best choice is.  I think it is the repetitive nature of knitting that helps me.  When I need to get out of a weird mood I take on a new craft or I bake.  Both allow me to feel accomplished and I love being able to see the fruits of my labor.

2. If you had to live in a different time period which would you prefer?

I would live in the 1950s (and hoard my clothes in a secret place with a note that shows my grandchildren where to find all of the goodies).  I LOVE THE CLOTHES! My personality may have been frowned upon =P

3. What is the most creative Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?
Last year B and I were Malice and Wonderland and The Mad Hatter (and our pup was the Whitish Rabbit).  We spent at least a month perfecting these costumes.  A lot of the details were created from clay by B.

4. Five weird things about you we wouldn’t know without being told?
1.  I started going to college full time when I was 15 (and got my degree at 17 before I graduated high school)

2. I don’t watch TV, I would get way to distracted to pay attention to plots.

3.  As I sit here blogging, trying to settle some contractions, B is preparing me a steak dinner with garlic potatoes.  I love him.

4. I can’t wait until BraggAbout Creations is in a place where we can start making donations to various things we care about.  Currently I would really love to help people learn about and use cloth diapers.

5.   I balance my job (being surrounded by engineers) by being a pinup/vintage model

5. What would you tell your 16-year-old self?

Stop working so hard every once in a while and go to a party!


❤ The Dragon Mama

4 Responses to “Me, Myself, and I Linky Party <3”

  1. Shaina Longstreet September 19, 2012 at 12:49 am #

    I wish I knew how to knit. I think that would help me when I’m stressed too. 🙂 Great answers!! It was fun getting to know you.

    • The Dragon Mama September 23, 2012 at 7:30 am #

      Oh girl it is so easy! Youtube has some fantastic videos, and if that doesn’t work a lot of local yarn shops give free classes and advice.

  2. Nancy Smith (Sannes) September 21, 2012 at 11:50 pm #

    Judging by your first answer, I think we would be friends!
    And a pinup/vintage model?! Nice gig!!

    • The Dragon Mama September 23, 2012 at 7:33 am #

      Nancy, you must be a fellow stress knitter. If I wasn’t currently moving I’d probably have 20 things created just from today. My pinups have been published a few times. I may have to post some in the future.

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