Late Thankful Thursday Coffee Date with Mustache Mama

21 Sep

My Thankful Thursday is late.  But I am in the mood for writing about the things I am thankful for (though I’ll hold off on the coffee for tomorrow morning).


I am thankful that my daughter is almost ready for her grand entrance!  While I may be 37 weeks, I have been having contractions that are less than 5 minutes apart for the last three days (and they have been 2 minutes apart today).  I went in to see if I was progressing at 5 am this morning, and was VERY disappointed to find that I had not.  How could THAT BE!?!  After all of the suggested remedies didn’t work (and trust me there were many, I am going to a very crunchy birthing center) my midwife decided it was time for a chill pill, or in my case chill shot.  Which leads to my next thankful:

I’m thankful for amazing midwifes that try to help me as naturally as possible, but aren’t afraid to bring out the big guns when the situation arises.  After a shot of some sort of muscle relaxer my prodromal labor has finally ceased!  In my mind I thought, do I want to STOP contractions?  I would love to be cuddling my baby.  Then my midwife explained how my uterus was misfiring so the baby couldn’t drop properly and by “resetting” the contractions, we could potentially be speeding up her arrival.  At the very least we would be making me comfortable until she is actually ready to arrive.  Now I can finish nesting and playing with all of the baby things!  I can’t wait to read other Thankful Thursdays.  If you’d like to join simply head on over to Mustache Mama.



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