Thankful Thursday

27 Sep

It’s Thursday already?!  With me being out of work I have lost all concept of time (yes I did wake up at 2pm today).  Granted it is very hard to get any sleep, let alone restful sleep, during these last few days of my pregnancy.  I just never imagined I would sleep so late.  The coffee is brewing, lets get to the thankfuls!

I’m so VERY thankful for my amazing team of midwives.  I have always had a fear of hospitals, so the fact that I have another option is amazing.  Not to mention I love the way they operate and how in tune they are with this pregnancy.  Being able to touch my belly and know whats going on, as opposed to sticking a machine on me that tells them everything, keeps us both much more aware of different issues (or lack of) that could be happening.  I’m really hoping to be spending several hours with them for the next few days =P FULL MOON PLEASE WORK YOUR LABOR INDUCING MAGIC!

I’m also thankful for my eccentric, hippy, nature-loving friends.  Shannon White, owner of Petals for Healing, is coming over to do a blessing on my new place.  I know that sounds a little crazy, but I say the more positive energy the better.  She actually does a lot of pretty amazing things, including making some custom blended oils.  Morning sickness, swelling, anxiety, migraines, and general discomfort are all things that have been vastly improved by oils that I purchased from Shannon.  Currently I’m having a bit of a bug problem since this house was empty for so long, tonight I’m going to try some peppermint oil on cotton balls around the house to see if that gets rid of them.  FINGERS CROSSED it works, because I’m no fan of bugs in  my house.

Coffee is done!  Now it’s time to read everyone’s thankfuls.  If you’d like to join me just write your post and link up with Mustache Mama.

4 Responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. stitchknit September 28, 2012 at 2:44 pm #

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed visiting yours just now.
    I too, have blessing ceremonies at new residences………….as well as my business. I love how it feels!
    Blessings for you and your baby! I’m looking forward to reading the next chapter!

    • The Dragon Mama September 29, 2012 at 4:43 am #

      The house blessing was fantastic! My home feels SO much better. BTW I cannot believe that you are creating 30 scarves in 30 days. They are absolutely lovely, and that is the coolest thing. I am often told that I am a fast knitter, but there is just no way I could finish a scarf in a day. I’m currently making one to cover me while I breastfeed and it’s been on the needles for 3 days. You inspire me!

  2. Buffy September 29, 2012 at 12:13 am #

    I had all five of my babies at home with midwives and I loved it! I too was terrified of hospitals and while I had never thought I could do the at home route I found that it was so much more liberating and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be tucked into you OWN bed with your newborn. Best feeling in the world!

    Many Blessings to you and yours!

    • The Dragon Mama September 29, 2012 at 4:48 am #

      Wow mama! I love hearing from women that have had good birthing experiences. We are actually going to a birthing center (not one that is attached to a hospital). We will be back at the house 8 hours after the birth though, and the midwife/ lactation consultant will come to my house to do checkups in the days following. As of a few days ago we lived in an EXTREMELY tiny apartment with paper thin walls, so home birth would have been difficult. Now though I wish we could just plop in those big birthing tubs and do it here. The birthing center is very cozy though so I’m sure it will be great.

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