A Big Decision

4 Nov

My baby will have been outside of me for 4 weeks in just a few hours.  She is becoming more alert and active by the day.  Today she rolled over twice (which both amazes and scares me!).  I’m scheduled to return to work in 2 weeks, which has been bringing about some serious questions regarding my career path.  I have a good job as a Research Associate, but am I willing to give up my daughter’s infancy for a higher paying job?  Especially one that doesn’t really fulfill me?  I’m considering becoming a nanny again which would allow me to work without putting T in daycare.  I doubt that another job opportunity like the one I am currently in would come up again.  It’s a tough decision.  My current company has great benefits, stability, a high probability of promotion.  But being without my baby for the majority of the day in just 2 weeks doesn’t seem feasible.

3 Weeks Old Baby T

Have any mama’s gone through similar issues?  Were you happy with your decision?

2 Responses to “A Big Decision”

  1. Valerie November 4, 2012 at 12:59 am #

    I like the nanny idea. That sounds like the best of both worlds, though I’m sure not as much money. The benefits to you and your little one would, I think, make up for any monetary sacrifice, though. Just my humble opinion. 🙂

    • The Dragon Mama November 4, 2012 at 4:59 am #

      Thank you for the input. It’s hard to decide if I’m doing this based on hormones or if it really is a good decision. I would be making enough to cover the bills, and I don’t think all of the extra is really worth not spending time with my little girl.

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