Gearing up for the Holidays

15 Nov

In Texas, it doesn’t get cold very often, but when it does I take full advantage and spend as much time as possible outside bundled in as many knits as I can.  This cold front meant that Tiffany got to wear her Breast Hat Ever for the first time!  We celebrated the cool weather by going to the park and a baby love class.  Everyone loved the idea of a giant boob on my baby’s head, I must admit it is by far my favorite thing that we have made thus far.  Can you even tell I am feeding her in this picture?

BraggAbout Creations is now accepting Etsy gift cards and credit cards just in time for the Christmas shopping that is about to begin. 

As I was filling out all of the forms to accept credit cards, I realized I need to add more hats for adults, I always sell them before I can get any decent photos!  I got to finish a piece this week for a local Austin artist.  I snapped a few photos on my mangled mannequin before I shipped it off.

I have always felt like it is such an honor when people who value one of a kind things ask us to create for them.  BAC always makes our creations a little bit different because you would shop at Target if you wanted something everyone else had.  I got creative freedom for this slouchy hat, and so I tested out some new techniques that have been running around in my head.  This hat features a mixture of crochet and knitting for a really great texture.  It is pretty spectacular in person.  I hope we get some photos of her in it.

We took Christmas photos on Monday by a photographer I have been wanting to shoot with for 2 years.  I won a shoot with her right before I had Tiffany, and she let us hold off until after Tiffany made her grand entrance.  My 5 week old was less than impressed that I wore a dress that did not grant her access to her food.  One hour away from the boobs and you think I was torturing her!  Daddy is working on taking more photos of us together, I find this picture HILARIOUS!  Don’t worry I fed her right after this.

Hope everyone else is loving the Holiday Season!  What are you doing to get ready?

2 Responses to “Gearing up for the Holidays”

  1. Valerie November 16, 2012 at 1:55 am #

    I’ve seen a boob hat similar to your daughter’s on Pinterest – too funny! I LOVE the slouchy hat!! 😀 ANd that poor baby, why would you hide the milk buffet from her for a whole hour?! Lol, j/k. That”s a great pic. We’re making some turkey crafts these days and starting to think about what we want to do for Christmas; we’re going more homemade this year we’re having to put some additional thought/time into it. 😉

    • The Dragon Mama November 16, 2012 at 4:49 am #

      I love handmade Christmas! I always end up skipping thanksgiving because I start working on Christmas gifts as soon as we finish all of the things we do for Halloween. My sister has started to follow our lead and go handmade, so I am really looking forward to the knit work she makes me. For some reason I am never able to knit for myself, even if I begin a project with the intention of it being mine — it always goes to someone else. My breasts will be called the milk buffet from now on =P

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