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House Cleaning Challenge: An Update

12 Jan

HouseChallengeMy intention as to work on the entry way, lists have been made, it has been marked on my calendar.  In true procrastinator style I haven’t really begun on the project at hand.  Instead I have cleaned and organized the bathrooms, pantry, and fridge.  Its still a step in the right direction.  I have begun a different way to compost.  Instead of throwing it in a big pile of dirt, I have added all of the kitchen scraps into one container which makes a bacteria soup that will cook down faster and will make our composting much more efficient.  So far it is working REALLY well.


I’m hoping the entry way will happen by the end of the week so I can still meet my goal.  How is everyone else progressing?



House Cleaning Challenge

8 Jan

I’ve previously written about moving into a new house right before we had the baby.  I brought my baby home to a mess and it has continued to spiral out of control, SERIOUSLY!  B doesn’t feel like he needs to pick things up because the house is already a wreck, I’m one handed 90% of the day because Tiffany hates to be put down meaning I’m facing a very overwhelming battle!  But today I have decided NO MORE!  This house will get organized!!  I will be taking on one area of the house every week.  During that week I will deep clean, organize, and set up some sort of plan too keep it that way.  I would love to have others join me and link up so we can share ideas and discuss what is or isn’t working.  This week I will start with the entry of our house.  Stay tuned for what I come up with.


Thankful Thursday

4 Oct

Thursday is becoming my favorite day of the week.  It’s a time of reflection. A time to stop stressing out that the laundry hasn’t been put up or our boxes aren’t all unpacked.  A time to look at my fiance and smile because he contributes so greatly to this wonderful life I live.

Baby Update: Prodromal labor is still happening, and yet she is still baking.  Because of this I am still not working, which is an unmarked territory to me.  Relaxation has NEVER been my forte.  When I was in grade school my parents had me in tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, cheerleading, and gymnastics at the same time.  That’s right 6 days a week of after school activities (and all A’s on the report card).  During high school my activity list may have gotten smaller, but the time required to participate only increased.  At 15 I was a full time high school student, full time college student, and cheer captain.  My day started at 6 am and my last class ended at 10 pm with no breaks in between.  I have a disease called over-achievement, and obviously baby Tiffany is very aware and is working on the cure as we speak.  Since I’ve been unable to go to work I have been able to come up with new ideas for BraggAbout Creations, work on new patterns, get reacquainted with my sewing machine, exchange foot rubs with my fiance (don’t tell anyone but I’m also teaching him how to sew).  It has been lovely.  Granted, I should probably be unpacking more but whats a few boxes scattered around my house?  The important stuff is out and working.  This experience has been a welcome break from the world of engineers, deadlines, scientific journals, and schedules.  (Side note: I’ve woken up past noon every day this week)

BraggAbout Creating Gift Bags
Note: My fiance broke out the paint brushes and did some fancy work on my nails.

BraggAbout Update:  We now have a facebook page!  I may get around to getting new pictures done, but schedules are for the birds.  I’ve finished knitting a chunky infinity scarf just in time for the fall, and we are planning on making some really amazing new products in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The most exciting part of all of this is that I’m not just sitting down to create.  I have time now, and while my body may ache, I am not exhausted.  We take evening strolls to the park and discuss our ideas and look around to get INSPIRED.  I was anxious about moving out of downtown.  I mean, what would our lives be without being woken up by the drunken hoards of people walking back home at 2 am?  How would we sleep without sirens at all hours?  More importantly how would we feel when we walked into our yard and could see stars?  Gasp.  This country girl, turned city girl, turned suburban mama could not be more pleased with that decision!  WE HAVE ROOM!  We have the ability to WALK to the park.  We don’t hear our neighbors every time they flush the toilet.  Most importantly our family, our business, and our ideas have room to spread out and grow.  It is what I like to call heaven.

I’m ready to hear about the happenings of the rest of the world.  What are you thankful for?  Does October mean anything special to you or your business?  If you’d like to join me in Thankful Thursdays head on over to Mustache Mama.

Thankful Thursday

27 Sep

It’s Thursday already?!  With me being out of work I have lost all concept of time (yes I did wake up at 2pm today).  Granted it is very hard to get any sleep, let alone restful sleep, during these last few days of my pregnancy.  I just never imagined I would sleep so late.  The coffee is brewing, lets get to the thankfuls!

I’m so VERY thankful for my amazing team of midwives.  I have always had a fear of hospitals, so the fact that I have another option is amazing.  Not to mention I love the way they operate and how in tune they are with this pregnancy.  Being able to touch my belly and know whats going on, as opposed to sticking a machine on me that tells them everything, keeps us both much more aware of different issues (or lack of) that could be happening.  I’m really hoping to be spending several hours with them for the next few days =P FULL MOON PLEASE WORK YOUR LABOR INDUCING MAGIC!

I’m also thankful for my eccentric, hippy, nature-loving friends.  Shannon White, owner of Petals for Healing, is coming over to do a blessing on my new place.  I know that sounds a little crazy, but I say the more positive energy the better.  She actually does a lot of pretty amazing things, including making some custom blended oils.  Morning sickness, swelling, anxiety, migraines, and general discomfort are all things that have been vastly improved by oils that I purchased from Shannon.  Currently I’m having a bit of a bug problem since this house was empty for so long, tonight I’m going to try some peppermint oil on cotton balls around the house to see if that gets rid of them.  FINGERS CROSSED it works, because I’m no fan of bugs in  my house.

Coffee is done!  Now it’s time to read everyone’s thankfuls.  If you’d like to join me just write your post and link up with Mustache Mama.

A Wonderful Day

11 Sep

ImageToday has been so wonderful!  All of those fun mommy things are finally coming together.  I am both excited for all of the cute things I will get to dress my daughter in, and relieved that my baby will have something to cover her tush in.  After a wonderful appointment with the midwife, the man and I decided to go use our coupons to pick up some FREE diapers we received for taking a FREE Cloth Diapering 101 class with my birthing center.  I both appreciate that they were willing to donate their time to help us mama’s understand the systems, and that they were considerate to the fact that the initial cost is a little pricey.  I love our birthing center!  When we got home we had three packages waiting for us.  One contained another cloth diaper cover (they melt my heart), another contained some fantastic outfits for my little girl as well as her second pair of Adidas (our friends know us too well!).  And then the most exciting part, our free sample of SoapNuts came in from Rhisponsible Living! Stay tuned for our experience with this wonderful alternative to laundry detergent.


Even though we had such a busy day I was also able to finish another Pumpkin Hat for BraggAbout Creations!  I can’t wait until Halloween so we can see the photos of the sweet babies that are wearing our creations.  Hope everyone has had a great start to their week!

❤ The Dragon Mama