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In Honor of National Button Day

17 Nov

We are working on new creations.  What do you think, cute as a button?




A Wonderful Day

11 Sep

ImageToday has been so wonderful!  All of those fun mommy things are finally coming together.  I am both excited for all of the cute things I will get to dress my daughter in, and relieved that my baby will have something to cover her tush in.  After a wonderful appointment with the midwife, the man and I decided to go use our coupons to pick up some FREE diapers we received for taking a FREE Cloth Diapering 101 class with my birthing center.  I both appreciate that they were willing to donate their time to help us mama’s understand the systems, and that they were considerate to the fact that the initial cost is a little pricey.  I love our birthing center!  When we got home we had three packages waiting for us.  One contained another cloth diaper cover (they melt my heart), another contained some fantastic outfits for my little girl as well as her second pair of Adidas (our friends know us too well!).  And then the most exciting part, our free sample of SoapNuts came in from Rhisponsible Living! Stay tuned for our experience with this wonderful alternative to laundry detergent.


Even though we had such a busy day I was also able to finish another Pumpkin Hat for BraggAbout Creations!  I can’t wait until Halloween so we can see the photos of the sweet babies that are wearing our creations.  Hope everyone has had a great start to their week!

❤ The Dragon Mama