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Giveaway Reminder

29 Oct

There are just a few days left to enter the giveaway we’re sponsoring at Little Willow Tree.   Don’t forget to enter and grab your extra entries by sharing on instagram with #braggaboutawareness by #braggaboutcreations.  There may be a discount code ❤



We’re Sponsoring a Giveaway!

21 Oct

The Crafty Side of Sarcasm recently sent me a gift card to a craft store as part of a Pay it Forward project.  We decided to continue paying it forward by sponsoring a giveaway over at The Little Willow Tree’s blog.

One of our biggest goals at BraggAbout Creations has always been to share our art in order to raise awareness and funds for causes we care about.  We are so excited for the very first cause that we sponsor to be about breastfeeding and breast cancer awareness, especially since we just started our breastfeeding journey with our sweet little one. 

We will be giving away our newest creation “The Breast Hat Ever” as well as donating 25% of the sales from the hat to cancer research.  Purchases can of be customized to various skin colors and sizes.  Head on over to The Little Willow Tree for more details on how to enter for your chance to win a BraggAbout Creation!

Sew Swap with Little Willow Tree

8 Oct

Part of the reason I wanted to do the Sew Swap was to expand my sewing ability.  I have really been wanting to put some sewn items up on BraggAbout Creations, so this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.  My swap buddy was a mom who liked to do a lot of outdoor activities, which I translated to: I have limited time and like to get out of the house often.  I thought about what I would need, and I decided to make a little bag that could keep credit cards, ID, and a little cash separated from the mass of chaos that diaper bags often turn into.  This is what I came up with:

I’m actually going to make myself one because I’m already feeling ridiculous and throwing my much to large purse into the bag that will become the diaper bag.  That makes the trips to the grocery store VERY awkward.  I also think these will make great stocking stuffers, so I’ve posted it on Etsy.

I got a really great bag from my Swap Buddy.  It is absolutely perfect.  It will probably be our emergency diaper kit that stays in the car for those moments when we forget things or when we underestimate the mess that babies can create.  I loved having an experienced mama that can help this new mama out.

Thank you Little Willow Tree for hosting such a fantastic event!  I’m dying for the next one.  Not only did I get to meet 2 great people, I also got to expand my skills and finally dust off the sewing machine.  She has now been used very frequently and I can’t wait to post all of the other exciting things that I have been working on.  Make sure to Like us on our new facebook page for sneak peaks and coupon codes.

One more little update: Baby T is here!  She arrived at about 3 am yesterday after just 15 minutes of pushing.  We had a wonderful all natural birth at a birthing center, and are now at home resting (and knitting).  Birthing story to come.

Thankful Thursday Coffee Date

13 Sep

Since it is raining and coffee is brewing, I think it is time I have a Thankful Thursday Coffee Date with Mustache Mama.  I have many blessings in my life, but this week they just seem to be pouring out.  Tomorrow I pick up the key to our new place.  House hunting has always been one of my least favorite activities, but being 8.5 months pregnant and not being able to find a decent spot after 3 months of searching was REALLY getting to me.  I’m glad the other places didn’t work out though, we have truly found such a great home to start our family in.  Oddly enough, I’m thankful for those weird times when I was panicking over not having a nest.  I used my creativity elsewhere and finally started BraggAbout Creations.  That and my baby has some seriously adorable things, because knitting was the only thing that was really able to keep me from crying.  And it also showed me how truly amazing my fiance is.  He handled more than his fair share of crazy-hormonal-misdirected-rage really well.  And still wrote me sweet love notes. Dare I say, He could possibly be more relieved than I am just because I am so much calmer now that we have a place that is for sure ours?  This week has included a lot of reminders that this pregnancy is indeed full term and she will probably be making an early entrance (I would have bet that yesterday was going to be the day, yet here I sit with a big belly).  I am so thankful that we will be able to bring her into a world with less toxic chemicals thanks to great businesses like Rhisponsible Living.  We used the SoapNuts yesterday for our laundry and they are FANTASTIC!  I can’t believe she was willing to allow us to try them for free, and tomorrow I will be placing my order for the big bag.  I think this is an even bigger deal to me because we are cloth diapering, and so laundry is going to be so important to us for the next year or so.

Finally, I am thankful for Little Willow Tree inspiring me to take out my sewing machine.  I ended up making some great fitted diapers for my sweet baby, as well as having an order for them on the site.  I can’t wait to share more on those.  AND I am excited for the Sew Swap that will be starting this weekend.  I love that she took the time to organize something like this, I hope to be able to do something similar in the future.

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful day and has many things to be thankful for! Now I’m going to sip my cup of coffee and read other people’s thankful posts on Mustache Mama’s page.

❤ The Dragon Mama

Sew Excited

6 Sep

In honor of National Sewing Month, Ashley Marie from Little Willow Tree is hosting a Sew Swap!  I have been dying to get out my sewing machine and begin creating some ideas that are floating in my head, and now I have the perfect opportunity!   You don’t need to be the best at sewing, just willing to give it a shot.  Head on over to check out the details and sign up before September 9.  And if you want some inspiration check out her Etsy site Oliver’s Treasure Chest.

❤ The Dragon Mama