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Healing Newton

17 Dec

My heart was so heavy upon hearing the news of Sandy Hook.  All day I got a knot in my throat thinking about my daughter and how someone put in so much work and love and sleepless nights, and now they no longer have that sweet little thing to read stories to or kiss goodnight.  Then I saw the photos of these beautiful children and I can’t begin to process anything other than holding my baby as tears roll down my face.


Because of this tragedy we have decided to donate 10% of our sales to heal Newton, Ct and 10% of our sales to mental health in an effort to prevent this from ever occurring again.  We will also be sending out small green memorial pins to everyone who donates $5 through our Etsy shop.

2 Nov

Did everyone have a great Halloween?   We sure did!  Ours was completely opposite of how we normally spend it.  We typically start planning our costumes WAY in advance, and then custom make everything.  This time we just made T a costume, then spent the night eating way to much sugar and making up random things we believe T is saying.  In this one she was playing the role of a commander in an army of mermaids (and mermen):

Onward Mer-Army

We also spent way to much time putting mer in front of words so they could match her costume.  Merfolk, mermen, merarmy, mercandy, we were obviously on a sugar high.  Who knew one could have so much fun just staying in during Halloween?  We did stop in at work  so I could show off T and laugh at the costumes my co-workers were wearing.  It was well worth it, especially since my boss took a picture of us (B really needs to step up his documenting of me and baby, all of her pictures are with him).

I want to hear about your Halloweens! What did you dress up as and what did you do?  You get extra points if it involves crazy costumes and/or haunted houses.


Green Mama

31 Jul

It has come as a surprise to the majority of my family and friends that we will be cloth diapering.  The gasps, the wide eyes, and then the “oh we will see how long that lasts” statements are something that my fiance and I are VERY accustomed to.  However, cloth diapering is not what it used to be!  No more big pins to keep your babies diaper secure.  No more dunking it in the toilet (ew).  And no folding (unless you are going with a prefold).  They are in fact: Adorable, 10% of the average cost of disposable diapers for one baby (and if you have more kids that percentage continues to drop), environmentally friendly, oh yeah AND ADORABLE.  Have I mentioned they are adorable?Image

Last night I officially bought our first cloth diaper from Just Simply Baby, and today we signed up for a cloth diapering class, for the sole purpose of me being able to play with more diapers.  I am so in love!  Not to mention they will teach me great knowledge I can pass on to all those who are considering cloth diapering.  In order to help build our stash we are holding a raffle for anyone that brings a cloth diaper to our baby shower.  Of course, we have registered for a ton and post various sites on FB to give our guest’s directions on where we will be going with cloth diapering.  Not only is that a great way to get a different assortment of diapers, your baby will have pieces that family put thought into when picking out, and you can open the eyes of other people to the cloth diapering revolution that is beginning.

I also found a great website today that is running a contest to get more people using cloth diapers!  They are doing a give away both for bloggers and for simple facebook likes.  Find out more about the Little Neechers give away here and maybe you can win some fun cloth diapering swag!

❤ Dragon Mama